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the thorn bush burned but did not burn (ex 3,2)

The cross in the vestry appears through the space created between four square frescoes. Thess four images were produced with SOIL from the SINAI mountain. One originates from the monastery of St. Catherine were the thorn bush still sprouts. Another one was takenfrom the top of Gebel Musa were Moses received the Ten Commandments from God.

The description of these events in the book of Exodus refers for the first time to the meaning of the separation between profane and sacral space.

The Dominikuszentrum is located on a special axis which connects the St. Michael`s Church in Munich with the Schleißheim palace garden.

Since the 17th century, Sinti from Germany, France, Romania and other neighbouring countries have assembled here to confer and celebrate in spring and autumn .

The majority of Munich Sinti were victims of the National Socialist racist mania.

Between March and December 1942 about 500,000 Jews, a bigger number of Sinti and Roma and a smaller group of Poles were killed in the extermination camp.

This work, a frescoe produced with SOIL from BELZEC rises from the wall exactly on the axis line. The deepened square beside the frescoe refers to the empty space at this site.